LED Lighting Solutions

LHLEDS solutions focused on Retail give you the possibility of generating an increase in sales in commercial spaces through an adequate distribution of LED luminaires. Through this, an ostentatious scene is generated for the products and considerable administrative savings.

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LED lighting in

An adequate distribution of LED luminaires in shopping centers provides vital to reduce the levels of risk in employees and, thus, to increase their productivity.

Our integrated LED lighting solutions focused on shopping centers provide greater visibility to customers who are traveling throughout the premises to make it easier for them to locate a store within it. In addition, the use of cold lights provides a cleaner image of the store for the customer.

LED lighting in
Department Stores

Did you know that department stores can be recognized simply for the lighting they have? This generates great brand recognition and, in turn, provides considerable cost savings.

Our comprehensive lighting solutions focused on department stores allow you to create a very defined brand identity. In addition, the product portfolio will be highlighted, thereby raising the level of perception positively in terms of price, quality, brand and product styles.

LED lighting in

Did you know that LED lighting can improve the appearance of consumer products offered in supermarkets? In addition, with LED luminaires, you get a saving of up to 50% energy.

Our comprehensive LED lighting solutions focused on supermarkets have properties that will allow us not to damage products such as meats, chickens, among others, since they do not emit heat, UVA rays, characteristic of traditional lights. Therefore, with LED luminaires for consumer stores, you have better product maintenance.

LED lighting in
jewelry stores

It is important to know the hot and cold areas inside the jewelry store to properly place the LED luminaires. These can focus on cold and warm lights in order to stimulate customer attention.

Our comprehensive lighting solutions focused on jewelry stores allow jewelery quality to be enhanced so that shadows or annoying glare are avoided. In addition, the LED luminaires will allow a great saving in administrative expenses that will be reflected in a greater profitability of realizing some sale.

Products used for Retail LED Lighting

LED projectors

Highbays LED

LED Lineal